New to Animation?
Our Basics section is geared toward people who have never animated or used the software before.

In a Related Field or have Relevant Training?
Maybe your a graphic designer or fine arts graduate. Take our courses to upgrade your skills, have something to fall back on, or change careers entirely.

Already an Animator?
Upgrade your skills! If your a maya animator, learn flash. If you're a flash animator, learn maya and round out your demo reel.

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See what it's all about! Start your training to work as an animator for TV series, feature film and games!

About this School

Welcome to Animation Career Pro! The 2D/3D character animation school. Train in 2D using Adobe Flash or 3D using Autodesk Maya. Or Cross- train between 2D and 3D for maximum versatility and employment opportunity. Flash and Maya are the two most used software packages in today's animation industry for TV, feature film, games and streaming.

Our classes and assignments are presented in a step by step fashion for easy learning. Each class builds on the previous class and prepares you for the next. You'll learn techniques from a professional animator and college instructor to speed up you work flow, increase the quality of your work, receive industry tips and feedback...LEARN MORE

Meet the Instructor

Chris Fazio is the founder and Lead Instructor at Animation Career Pro. His career highlights include Animation Director on the TV series "Will and Dewitt" which won a Gemini Award in 2008 for the season Chris directed, Supervising Animator on Disneys "Handy Manny" and 3D Character Animator on Nickelodeons "The Backyardigans" and "Bubble Guppies". Chris has also worked on other popular titles in 2D animation such as "Grossology" and "Caillou", and still works full time as a 3D Character Animator. See his demo reel Here, and visit his LinkedIn page to review more of his production credentials and teaching experience...LEARN MORE

Go to Class

Watch your instructor actually animate the assignment before you do it yourself, everything is explained. You'll learn industry techniques, get tips and hear about working as a character animator in the industry. We've put together a complete character animation curriculum. Each one of our in-depth video classes is designed to build on the previous lesson and prepare you for the next.  

Do the Assignments

After watching your class download the project file and begin your training. Refer back to the class anytime. Each one of the project files is already layed out for you as it would be while working in an animation studio. This means that the Flash or Maya file already has a rigged character, lights, (if need for the lesson) all ready to go. Just Open the file and start animating. Your instructor will be there for you along the way.

Mentoring and Support

In addition to Chris' industry experience working as a character animator, supervisor and director he has taught animation at Ryerson University, and currently at St Clair College. Visit the about page to learn more about his credentials and teaching experience. Your work will be reviewed every week and sent back with clear feedback and details illustrating what looks good and where things need improvement.

Get a Job

After you've completed the program we will continue to provide support by showing you how to assemble a professional demo reel. We'll guide you on how to make it presentable (the do's and dont's) and help you further finesse your work so that it shows well to studio professionals who will be seeing your demo reel for the first time and deciding who they should call in for an interview.