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Free Animation Training – Or Apply for the Mentorship Program

Animation Career Pro School is a mentorship program. All video classes are free to watch on my YouTube channel. You can also apply for my Mentorship Program. This means that every time you submit an assignment I personally open your project file and create a video with feedback and critiques of your work. You'll see and hear me making suggestions and showing you how to improve your work right in the software.
I teach both 2D animation and 3D animation so that you will have a diverse skill set and always remain employable. I also teach 2D rigging, 3D modeling, lighting/texturing, and rigging.
You'll learn techniques to speed up your work flow, increase the quality of your work, receive industry tips.... LEARN MORE

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Meet Your Instructor

Chris-Fazio Hi I'm Chris Fazio, the Owner/Instructor at Animation Career Pro School. I have been working full time in the animation industry for over 14 years in both 2D and 3D animation, supervising, directing, animating and teaching. I still work as a Character Animator today.

Work Experience: My career highlights include Animation Director on the TV series "Will and Dewitt" which won a Gemini Award in 2008, Supervising Animator on Disneys "Handy Manny" and 3D Character Animator on "The Backyardigans", "Bubble Guppies" and "Little Charmers". I'm currently a 3D Character Animator on "Kody Kapow" an NBC Spark TV series. Had the opportunity to animate on an Aardman Studios TV series called "Planet Sketch". I have also worked on 2D animated series such as "Calliou", "Grossology" and "Franny's Feet". See my demo reel here, and visit my LinkedIn page to review more of my production credentials and teaching experience.

Teaching Experience: I've been teaching animation since 2006. I've taught animation at the University level, colleges and even school age. I have also taught studio professionals on the job. Teaching 2D animators how to animate in 3D...and teaching 3D animators how to animate in 2D. During this time I learned how to bridge the gap between 2D and 3D. So I developed Animation Career Pro to teach both.

Join me on your journey to learn animation, I promise to mentor you until your work is "demo reel" ready. Then you can take that demo reel to market and find your dream job.

From My Students:

"Thank you so much! I'm happy with what I've learned so far, and am eager to learn more!" “all the videos are very straightforward and easy to understand!”

- Kyler Yee, Honolulu, Hawaii- 2D animation student

“I'm enrolled here and this is seriously awesome!” “This avocado rig is really cool!”

- Neal Strydom, Cape Town, South Africa- 3D animation student

“You don’t know how useful your critiques are, thanks a lot!!!!”

- Luis Miguel Guerra Abril, Spain- 3D animation student

Go To Class

Watch your instructor actually animate the assignment before you do it yourself, everything is explained. You’ll learn industry techniques, get tips and hear about working as a character animator in the industry. I have put together a complete character animation curriculum. Each one of my in-depth videos classes is designed to build on the previous lesson and prepare you for the next lesson.

Do Your Assignments

After watching your class, you can download the project file and begin your training. Refer back to the classes at any time. Each one of the project files is layed out for you as it would be if you were working in a real animation studio. This means that the flash or Maya file has a rigged character, lights, (if needed for the lesson) all ready to go. Just open the file and start animating. I will be there for you along the way.

Mentoring & Support

I have over 14 years industry experience working as a character animator, supervisor and director of animation. I have also taught animation at Sheridan College in their renowned animation program, Ryerson University and St. Clair College. Visit the about page to learn more about my teaching experience and credentials. Every time you submit an assignment I will do an in-depth review of your work. Assignments are returned to you with a detailed review video explaining where things look good and where you can improve.

Get Interview Ready

If you complete an entire course I will continue to provide support by showing you how to assemble a professional demo reel and guide you on how to make it more presentable ( the do’s and don’ts ) and help you further finesse your work. I’ll make sure your work shows well to studio professionals who will view your demo reel and decide who to call in for an interview.

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