Animation Training

All animation classes and tutorials are now free to watch on the ACP YouTube channel!


Animation Critiques/Feedback

We can critique your assignment or any other animation your working on. Get animation mentoring from professional SENIOR animators who are currently working in production. Need help with 3D modeling, rigging or surfacing? Or a 2D Project in Harmony or Adobe Animate? We have people for that too.

Below are some examples of why you may choose our services.

You’re an animation student

Use ACP to ace your school projects or amp up the quality of your demo reel. Your demo reel is the deciding factor when being viewed by potential employers who are crewing up for their next big animated production!

You’re an experienced animator but need an edge.

Planning a YouTube series or short animation? Perhaps you’re working on something for a film festival or competition. We can help you amp up the quality of your animation and get you noticed.

You need an animation director, supervisor or lead animator.

For larger scale animation productions we have the experience and can remotely fill these rolls.

Learn The Tools   ·   Master The Art

From ACP Students:

"Thank you so much! I'm happy with what I've learned so far, and am eager to learn more!" “all the videos are very straightforward and easy to understand!”

- Kyler Yee, Honolulu, Hawaii- 2D animation student

“I'm enrolled here and this is seriously awesome!” “This avocado rig is really cool!”

- Neal Strydom, Cape Town, South Africa- 3D animation student

“You don’t know how useful your critiques are, thanks a lot!!!!”

- Luis Miguel Guerra Abril, Spain- 3D animation student