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Programs2dTitle1ProgramsBasics1Programs2DBasicImageWe start out with an introduction to the software. In Flash production some asset building is common, drawing tools are introduced so that you can build your own assets. You’ll learn how to animate with symbols which is also common in Flash production. We then move onto some basic workflow techniques, simulating camera moves and finally animation principles and how to combine them to create convincing physics and character performance in animation. At the end there is a basic body mechanics class to prepare you for the next section.

ProgramsMechanics1Programs 2D Mech ImagesIn body mechanics you’ll start using our mannequin rig to demonstrate important physics such as weight and balance. It’s important to convey to an audience that your character has weight and is affected by gravity, making it a convincing performance before we get into acting. You’ll also learn to cycle animation for walks, runs, jumps and any other repeating actions. We show you how to avoid “flipping” the body parts and how to smoothly transition the artwork from one pose to another.


ProgramsActing1Programs 2D Acting Image Our acting classes begin with some basic mood and posture posing, we’ll get deeper into animation principles with pantomime acting and using silhouettes. We cover digital 2D specific workflow and timing as it pertains to Flash or any other 2D software. How to properly animate a head turn in digital 2D and animate facial animation. Proper timing and posing for lip-sync, accenting and gesturing. Finally, we get into full on acting with a fully rigged character in a medium shot.


ProgramsAdvDial1Programs Flash Advanced DialogueThis is where you will create most of your demo reel material (in the 2D and 3D version of this section). We will take you through animating a monologue (one character in a scene) full body shot. In the last class you’ll work with two characters reacting to one another and we’ll show you how to plan and approach a shot with more that one character in it. Further instruction on finessing your work to make it presentable for animation directors and/or supervisors reviewing your demo reel and deciding who to call in for an interview.