2D Rigging

Free Animation Training


6 classes, basic to advanced techniques

In addition to the classes, your instructor Chris Fazio mentors you through each and every assignment to ensure you are on the right track.

Before you begin this course we will send you access to the “Intro to Flash” class from the 2d animation course to give you a basic knowledge of Flash before you begin rigging.

We start with creating the line work for the head and other body parts so that your character has nice clean outer line work. You’ll learn how to create a master symbol (master control) to build your character inside of – this is an industry standard way of rigging a Flash character.

You will learn how to properly layer all of your characters body parts and move pivot points so that the joints hinge properly. Discover how to take appropriate steps to make sure the overall charm and feel of the hand drawing lives on in the Flash rig.

After the body is rigged we continue with special techniques such as “masking” to set up (or rig) the eyes and the rest of the face, creating all the mouth shapes needed for lip-sync to get the character speaking and expressing a range of emotions.

Hands are a crucial part of character acting, so we created a separate class just for “Hands and Feet”. After that we move on to colors and shadows, and finally finishing the rig and cleaning up the file so that it’s easy for animators to do their job.