2D Rigging

Free Animation Training

Free 2d rigging training using Adobe Animate

This course is meant to be taken in order. Progress through the classes and build your 2d rigging skills.

*Note: Flash is now called Adobe Animate

*Note: After learning Adobe animate it’s a very short learning curve to understanding Toonboom Harmony as the rigging is set up very much the same in Harmony.

Lets begin…

2D Rigging 1: Rigging the Body

In this first 2d character rigging class I show you how symbols work in Adobe Animate. You’ll learn how a digital 2d character puppet is set up for production animation and I’ll create all the body parts on separate layers.

2D Rigging 2: Eyes and Brows

In this class we will create all the eye and brow expressions for our 2d character. In animation the eyes and brows have to follow along with the head, I’ll show you how it’s all done here.

2D Rigging 3: Mouth Shapes

This class focuses on creating the phonetic mouth shapes used for lip-sync (speech), we’ll also create some mouth shapes used for basic emotions. I’ll also go over how to create more mouths as you need them while animating.

2D Rigging 4: Hands and Feet

In 2d animation production new hands and feet are constantly being created for 2d characters as animation is being done. But its best to rig a 2d character with a good variety for the animator before animation begins so they have some basic poses to work with. I’ll show you how to create a variety of hands and feet and how to add them as animation is being done.

2D Rigging 5: Color and Shadows

At this point the character is nearly complete, it’s time to add colors and shadows. We’ll go over some important things to consider while applying color and shadows to your 2d character rig.

2D Rigging 6: Finishing the Rig

In this last 2d character rigging class we’ll tidy up the comps and make sure it’s clean and ready for an animator to use it. At the end I do a quick animation demo so you can see how it works.