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Programs3dTitle1ProgramsBasics1Programs 3D Basics ImagesThe 3D program starts with an introduction to Maya and important tools you’ll need for character animation. You’ll learn how to use the graph editor, the most commonly used tool for refining animation in 3D production. Workflow techniques and animation principles are covered through the entire basics section, most importantly how to combine and use the principles to convey realistic physics and convincing performances. Near the end we’ll start looking at basic Body Mechanics to prep for the next section.

ProgramsMechanics1Programs 3D Mech ImagesIn Maya, you’ll begin to use the 3D Mannequin rig to demonstrate physics, weight and balance and start creating cycles for walks, runs and jumps. More advanced animation principle combinations are being used here. In Maya we’ll cover more advanced graph editor functionality and techniques to refine your animation and offset body parts to create a feeling of torque and power in your movements. You’ll also learn how to apply constraints to get objects to stick to a character (to pick something up for example).

ProgramsActing1Project Maya ActingOur 3D acting classes begin with basic mood and posture posing, this is especially important in 3D as beginners often overlook silhouettes in the 3D world. Continuing with the principles and workflow taught in the previous sections, we cover facial animation lip-sync and finally learn some of the industry secrets of character performance. This is where you start to develop some of your demo reel material.

ProgramsAdvDial1Programs 3D Advanced Dialogue ImageIn this section you will animate most of your demo reel material. We walk you through animating a monologue and a two character scene. You’ll see how characters act and react to each other and the best way to approach a scene with more than one character in it. We will be working with you to further finesse your work so it will show well when you apply for a job. We know what they’re looking for and we’ll guide you in the right direction.