3D Lighting and Texturing

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Free 3D lighting and texturing training using Autodesk Maya

Purchase the 3D character Model created in my 3D modelling course for only $4.99 CAD, you can use the model to follow along with this Lighting and Texturing Course! After checkout click “Return to Merchant” to download your model.

This course is meant to be taken in order. Progress through the classes and build your 3d Lighting and Texturing skills.

Lets begin…

3D Lighting and Texturing 1: Shaders Lights and Cameras

In this first rendering class I demonstrate all the basic shaders available in Autodesk Maya and applying color to 3d objects. I explain a classic lighting setup, the basis of most lighting setups. We’ll also look at casting shadows and some other cool stuff!

3D Lighting and Texturing 2: Character Lighting Rig

This class focuses solely on creating a lighting rig which follows a character around during animation so the character is always lite consistently. These lighting rigs are used in animation production. I’ll also show you how to use the “use background shader” which is great for rendering animation demo reel (show reel) pieces.

3D Lighting and Texturing 3: Unwrapping UV`s

When you’re ready to texture your 3d character model you will first need to unwrap the UV’s. Unwrapping the UV’s is basically spreading out the wire mesh on a flat surface so you can paint it easily. In this class I show you the best tools to get the job done efficiently and quickly before its time to paint your textures.

3D Lighting and Texturing 4: Painting and Applying Textures

In this last 3d lighting and texturing class I show you how to use Photoshop to paint textures for your character and apply them to the 3d character model in Maya. We’ll also do some more lighting and shadow tweeks so you can see the thought process behind getting your lights and shadows working well with your texture colors.