3D Lighting & Texturing

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4 classes, basic to advanced techniques

In addition to the classes, your instructor Chris Fazio mentors you through each and every assignment to ensure you are on the right track.

In this course we first explore the most commonly used shaders in Maya, the potential uses and how to apply them to objects, change colors and much more. We also take a look at a standard lighting setup. You are then shown how to light your scene, cast shadows, the different types of shadows and how to perform test renders to check your work.

You’ll learn how to create a character lighting rig and attach it to your character so that your character is evenly lite anywhere they go in the scene. We also tweek the shadows and apply a shader to the character.

Later in the course we begin to unwrap the characters UV’s and lay them out so they can be easily painted and re-applied to the character using a file texture. This is a time consuming process, but here you’ll learn some great techniques and tips to do this efficiently and minimize too much trial and error which will save a lot of time and frustration.

This is a rounded base of knowledge for anyone interested in texturing and lighting for 3D. Like all of our courses you receive mentoring from beginning to end. Each class builds on the last and prepares you for the next.