3D Modelling

Free Animation Training


7 classes, basic to advanced techniques

In addition to the classes, your instructor Chris Fazio mentors you through each and every assignment to ensure you are on the right track.

Before you begin this course we will send you access to the “Intro to Maya” class from the 3d animation course to give you a basic knowledge of Maya before you begin.

In the basics class we start with learning how to create polygon primitives and make adjustments to each type Maya offers. The different modes are discussed and how to manipulate the various elements of polygon objects to form and sculpt.

The next class builds on what you learned in the first and focuses on building some basic props. You will also learn how to use an image as a texture map for a polygon plane (as shown above), so that you’ll have the drawing as a reference image right in Maya to work from.

We then move onto organic modeling and start building your characters head, body, hands and feet. Finally more detailed areas such as eyes, hair, teeth/gums/tongue, and brows.

Near the end of the course we go over some finishing touches and prepare your model to be textured.