3D Modeling

Free Animation Training

Free 3D modeling training using Autodesk Maya

This course is meant to be taken in order. Progress through the classes and build your 3d modeling skills.

Lets begin…

3D Maya Modeling 1: The Basics

In the first 3d modeling class all the basics are covered. We’ll take a look at all the default polygon shapes available in Autodesk Maya and how to edit them. I show you how to enter component mode and do more advanced editing to the wire frame of the 3d model such as adding edge loops and extruding faces. With these modeling skills you can build anything!

3D Maya Modeling 2: Props

Now that you know some 3d modeling basics lets start creating some props and furniture. This class is a great introduction to organic and inorganic 3d modeling. I’ll show you how to bring reference images into Autodesk Maya so you can easily follow your original design. Polygon deformers are also covered here.

3D Maya Modeling 3: The Head

This class focuses on properly modeling a 3d character head, we’ll also model the eyeballs in this class. It’s important to know how to model in Maya while keeping rigging in mind before using other 3d modeling and sculpting software such as Pixologic Zbrush.

3D Maya Modeling 4: The Body

Building on the previous class we continue to follow the reference and model a 3d character body. Get important tips for modeling the character properly so that it can be rigged later on.

3D Maya Modeling 5: Hands and Feet

Modeling 3d character hands and feet can be a little bit tricky, here I will guide you on the best way to get them looking proportionate and natural. And we’ll make sure these 3d hands and feet will deform well once rigged.

3D Maya Modeling 6: Hair and Teeth

In this 3d modeling class we will model a simple hair style for the character. We will also model the characters teeth and gums and fit them inside his oral cavity making sure everything looks natural and is ready to be rigged for animation.

3D Maya Modeling 7: Finishing Touches

In this last 3d character modeling class we will give the character some eyebrows and make some final proportion and shape adjustments before he’s ready to be rigged.