3D Rigging

Free Animation Training

Free 3D rigging training using Autodesk Maya

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This course is meant to be taken in order. Progress through the classes and build your 3d rigging skills.

Lets begin…

3D Rigging 1: Basics and Bones

In this first 3d character rigging class you will learn how to create a bone structure, (or skeleton) for your character so that it can be rigged for animation.

3D Rigging 2: Skin Weighting

Once you attach a skeleton to a 3d character the joints and other areas of the skin will initially have unpleasant deformations when the joints are bent. In this lesson you will learn how to smooth out and correct all these problem areas with the “paint weights tool” in Autodesk Maya.

3D Rigging 3: Setting Up The Legs

In this 3d rigging class I’ll show you an industry standard 3d character leg setup. You’ll learn how to create new attributes, set driven keys and IK handles.

3D Rigging 4: Setting Up The Arms

Building on the previous class you will learn how to create an IK/FK arm setup for your 3d character so that the animator can switch between modes while animating for acting or body mechanics movements.

3D Rigging 5: Adding Controls

Now that the legs and arms are all set up it’s time to finish adding the rest of the body controls. In the animation industry nurbs curves are used to create control curves. I’ll show you how to build and incorporate them into your 3d character rig.

3D Rigging 6: Eyes And Brows

In this class clusters and blend shapes are introduced to rig the eyeballs, eyelids and eye brows. Clusters and blend shapes are “skin deformers” which are regularly used in Autodesk Maya for 3d character rigging in the animation industry.

3D Rigging 7: The Mouth

This class focuses on rigging a 3d character mouth for speech and mouth expressions. Building on the last class we will use blend shapes and clusters to create our deformations.

3D Rigging 8: Finishing Touches

The last 3d rigging class shows you how to finish up a rig so it’s easier to use for animation. We’ll just be tidying up some odds and ends here.