Author: Chris Fazio

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Deadlines For Production Animators

The dreaded “D” word…just the word deadline can sound really daunting if you’ve never worked with them – as in, if you don’t cross the finish line in time, your dead – or fired! Well not exactly. As a series animator working in production, I suppose that would be true if you were consistently delivering…
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Types of Animation Studios

When I started out at my first job as an animator, I thought “wow, are all studios like this?”. I was working at a very big studio that had a real corporate feel. Twelve years have gone by and I’ve worked at a number of animation studios and held positions such as Supervising Animator and…
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An Inside Look At The Job Of An Animator

In past workshops that I have conducted, students have asked what the job of an animator is actually like. What is the environment like? What do you actually do, and how do you do it? The Physical Environment Animation studios are usually pretty cool and funky places to work. Most studio owners are also animators…
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Animator Contracts and Pay

Contracts Although there are permanent/full time positions in studios, most animators work on a contract basis. This is very similar to how live action actors/actresses work – from project to project. The reason studios hire production staff on contract is because animation work is project based. It’s a set amount of work – then it’s…
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Animation Software to Learn

For character animation, in my opinion the most widely used animation software in the industry is Adobe Flash (for 2D animation) and Autodesk Maya (for 3D animation). Flash is used primarily for animated TV series, games/game apps, and commercials/ads. But Maya is used in every aspect of the animation industry – TV series, feature film,…
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