Author: Chris Fazio

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The Principles of Animation

The Principles of Animation are the fundamental building blocks of character animation, or animating any object. They are the principles that breath life into character performance and make it appealing and believable. All professional animators who work on any feature film, TV production, games or any high quality animated production have a strong understanding of…
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Where Animation Jobs Exist

A career in animation will usually dictate where you live. Animation jobs exist all over the world, but studios are usually concentrated in large cities where an entertainment industry exists. Depending on the type of lifestyle you enjoy, this may or may not become an issue. It’s amazing how many animation students and grads I’ve…
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Types of Animation Jobs

There are four main areas of the animation industry… TV series, animated feature films, visual effects and gaming. Other areas include commercials, documentaries, medical visualization and training, industrial, architectural, home and building interior design, even aerospace and forensics. TV Series Animation Most animated series made for TV are geared toward preschool age and older kids…
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Animation Terms – Vintage Animation

Animation Terms – Vintage Animation This is the fifth post in a five part series of Animation Terms. This is a list of terms that are associated with Classical Animation, a medium that is used much less these days with the onset off Digital 2D and 3D Animation. These terms are still good to know…
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Animation Related Film Terms

Animation Related Film Terms This is the forth post in a five part series of Animation Terms. In this part I’ve listed some film terms. Some of them are technical definitions others define a film style, but all of these terms are helpful to know as an animator. Action Axis – The theoretical line that…
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