Build Characters

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With all courses you get full mentoring and support. This means regular feedback from your instructor who is a professional animator and animation teacher.

2D Courses

build 2d animation characters

In the Flash Rigging course you’ll learn how to create a character in Flash and set it up for character animation. We start at the very basics and work through rigging the body, face, coloring and shadows and finally finishing touches. You can take this course for rigging your own characters or to get a job as a 2D Character Rigger.


3D Courses

build 3d animation characters

Learn the basics of modeling first with simple objects and props, then progress to modeling a characters head and finally the entire body! You will learn how to model a character properly so that it can be rigged later in an animation production pipeline.

Lighting and Texturing
Before final rendering characters and objects need lights and a camera so we can see them. They also need to be textured and colorized. Using the fundamentals of a classic lighting setup you’ll learn how to create a character lighting rig so the characters are properly lit wherever they go in a scene. We also cover how to lay out UV maps and painting/applying textures in this course.

Once characters are modeled and textured they need controls applied to them so animators can make them move. Very similar to a marionette (puppet with strings attached for movement), You’ll be guided through each step necessary to rig a character for animation, starting with basics such as creating the bone structure to more advanced techniques so the characters can be moved in a variety of different ways giving animators total control over the characters movements.