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The Principles of Animation

The Principles of Animation are the fundamental building blocks of character animation, or animating any object. They are the principles that breath life into character performance and make it appealing and believable. All professional animators who work on any feature film, TV production, games or any high quality animated production have a strong understanding of…
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Where Animation Jobs Exist

A career in animation will usually dictate where you live. Animation jobs exist all over the world, but studios are usually concentrated in large cities where an entertainment industry exists. Depending on the type of lifestyle you enjoy, this may or may not become an issue. It’s amazing how many animation students and grads I’ve…
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Want To Be An Animator?

Want To Be An Animator? Have you made the decision to pursue a career in animation? Are you considering it? The first thing to think about is motivation. Training to become an animator takes a lot of commitment and dedication. You need to be self motivated. It really doesn’t matter if you train at a…
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