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Animation Terms – Vintage Animation

Animation Terms – Vintage Animation This is the fifth post in a five part series of Animation Terms. This is a list of terms that are associated with Classical Animation, a medium that is used much less these days with the onset off Digital 2D and 3D Animation. These terms are still good to know…
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Animation Related Film Terms

Animation Related Film Terms This is the forth post in a five part series of Animation Terms. In this part I’ve listed some film terms. Some of them are technical definitions others define a film style, but all of these terms are helpful to know as an animator. Action Axis – The theoretical line that…
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Animation Terms – 3D/Maya

Animation Terms – 3D/Maya This is the third post in a five part series. The following is a list of terms associated with 3D Animation and the software most commonly used for 3D Animation – Autodesk Maya. Most of these terms are commonly used in a 3D Animation environment… Axis – In 3D software we…
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Animation Terms – 2D/Flash

2D Animation Terms – Adobe Flash, ToonBoom Studio/Harmony This is the second post in a five part series of animation terms. Here you’ll find terms associated with digital 2D animation and the most widely used digital 2D animation software – Adobe Flash. Design Breaking – The stage in Flash production right after the original designs…
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Animation Terms – Common Studio Term

Animation Terms – Common Studio Terms This is the first in a five part series of animation terms that are important to know. In this list of terms I include the most common animation terms that you are likely to hear and use in an animation studio. Many of these terms are also standard film…
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