Cost Of Animation School

Free Animation Training

Animation Career Pro offers the most cost effective training for high-end animation. Your instructor, Chris Fazio works as a full time production animator and teaches animation part time at various Colleges and Universities. Learn the technical and artistic side of animation simultaneously and achieve professional, high quality animation.

With any of the enrollment options you get:

1. Full mentoring and technical support. GreenCheck
2. The video Classes. Projects done with detailed explanation before you do it.GreenCheck
3. Access to our character rigs and assets. GreenCheck
4. Two free Animation History classes. GreenCheck
5. Animation principles PDF to reference.GreenCheck
6. Layed out project files rigged and lit. Characters and lights are ready for animation.GreenCheck
7. Storyboard template to print and draw on, or use with a tablet or cintiq.GreenCheck
8. Flash and Maya hotkey docs (list of hotkeys for character animation.GreenCheck
Once payment is confirmed you are enrolled in your program! You’ll receive a confirmation email with more details. You can then register and login to have full access to your classes.

Because Animation Career Pro operates within Canada, students receiving training outside of Canada do not pay any tax at all! All prices for students within Canada are + applicable taxes (HST or GST) according to your province. Please use the appropriate enrollment/payment options below according to weather you live within Canada or outside Canada.

If you are a parent enrolling your child, please contact us by clicking Here and let us know the name of the student you are enrolling.