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Critiques a la Carte is a critique/feedback service which you can use to greatly enhance the quality of your animation by receiving animation direction from me, Chris Fazio the founder and Lead Instructor here at Animation Career Pro.

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My students receive mentoring via critiques and feedback as part of the course they enroll in. They receive multiple rounds of feedback until their work reaches a high quality level before advancing to the next class.

With Critiques a la Carte you can get animation mentoring without taking the full course, as much as you need and for any type of animation project. Here are some examples of scenarios where you may choose to use this service…

You’re an animation student

Use critiques a la Carte to ace your school assignments or amp up the quality of your demo reel. Your demo reel is the deciding factor when being viewed by potential employers who are crewing up for their next big animated production!


You’re an experienced animator creating a short or YouTube series

Planning a YouTube series or short animation? Perhaps you’re working on something for an animation festival. You can submit scripts,  storyboards and any other pre-production material. I can advise on the best way to go about the pre-production/produciton/post-production process. I can help you implement a pipeline to keep you organized and on track and make sure you maintain a high level of quality to get you noticed.


You need an animation director, supervisor or lead animator

For larger scale animation productions I have the experience and can remotely fill these rolls.


Use Critiques a la Carte and elevate your animated project!

Please fill out this form and click submit. I will contact you shortly to discuss your animated project.

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