Requirements And Policies

Free Animation Training


I prefer students be 18 years of age or older, some exceptions can be made.
Must have some basic computer skills with Windows or Mac. All students must speak, read and write English. Animation Career Pro is only offered in English.


All students must own a computer with Windows 7 64-bit (and up) or Mac OSX 10.7.5 (and up) with the following specs and software.
At least 2GB of RAM, more is better.
Dual Core or Quad Core processor are best with at least 2.00 GHZ, more is better.
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Quicktime 7
Using Firefox, Explorer, Safari, or Chrome browser.
Adobe (currently) does not offer free student versions of Flash. You will need to purchase the discounted education suite – currently 60% off and you can pay monthly. Approximately $20 per month.
Autodesk Maya does offer a free student version which you can download and install.


AUTODESK MAYA (if enrolled in the 3D Program or Crosstraining).
You MUST use the free student version of Maya which you can download from the Autodesk website.

ADOBE ANIMATE (if enrolled in the 2D program)
Adobe Animate has been sharply discounted for educational purposes. It’s a fairly low monthly payment ($20CAD).
You will need to use both MAYA and ANIMATE if you are cross-training.
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All video classes are free to watch on my YouTube channel including two free Animation History classes (“Canadian Animation History” and “American Animation History”).
Once enrollment for mentoring has been confirmed begin by viewing the first basics class, I will send you the project file. Other materials include “Animation Principles” PDF to print out or view on your computer. Storyboard template (or for use in Photoshop, MS paint with a tablet or cintiq) or just print it out and draw on it. ANIMATE and Maya Hotkeys docs.


There is a project file that corresponds with each class, I will send them to you upon enrollment. After you watch your class just open up the project file for that class to begin working. The rigs are already in the project files and characters have a lighting rig attached to them so they are ready to render later on.


If you have a cintiq or tablet this will be beneficial. If not a sketchbook is fine. Although your not required to posses drawing skills, some very basic drawing is necessary for planning stages as we get into acting classes.

The “Illusion of Life” by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, “The Animator’s Survival Kit” by Richard Williams are suggested references for all animation students. “Cartoon Animation” by Preston Blair is also very good in explaining key principles but is an older book and dated in regards to drawing style only. Chris Hart also authors some great books for animation.


Up until one week after the day of enrollment, you can withdraw from the program entirely with a full money back refund for the cost of the program that you paid for. There is no registration fee.
If you are paying by the class and you have passed a class you will be allowed to advance to the next class upon payment. If paying by the section or the entire 2D, 3D or Cross training Program you will have to pass each class to get access to the next class. No further payments are required unless you need to pay for another section.
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What happens if I’m not able to pass and I’d like to withdraw completely?

If your paying by the class you will not be refunded for the class that you were not able to pass.
If you have paid for an entire section you will be refunded in full for all the classes that you did not take, (pro rated for the amount of that payment option).
If you have paid for the entire 2D or 3D program, or cross-training you will be refunded in full for all the classes that you did not take, (pro rated for the amount of that payment option).


I understand life happens, you can take time off during your program. All I ask is that you let me know how long you will be leaving so that I can make arrangements on my end.


In addition to video critiques with each assignment, I will be available during the week for any questions that you may have. Preferred method of contact for general questions is email, please allow some time for me to respond. I’m a full time animator and teachers so I may just be busy with work but will reply as soon as possible.

Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Animation Career Pro is located in Mississauga Ontario, Canada and observes Canadian holidays. Here’s a list of days the school is closed:

New Years Eve: December 30
New Years Day: January 1
Family Day: Third Monday in February
Good Friday: Friday before Easter Day
Easter Monday: Monday after Easter Day
Victoria Day: Monday on or before May 24
Canada Day: July 1Req Policies Party Guy Image
Civic Holiday: First Monday in August
Labour Day: First Monday in September
Thanksgiving: Second Monday in October
Remembrance Day: November 11
Christmas Eve: December 24
Christmas Day: December 25
Boxing Day: December 26

If the school will be closed at any other time or your teacher will not be available you will be notified in advance.

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